Czech VR Fest

24–25 May 2017

Festival and Conference of
augmented and virtual reality

Quo vadis, augmented and virtual reality? We'll be answering this question on the 24th and 25th of May in Prague. During this time, Prague will become the heart of the virtual world. A place for experts and fans alike to meet and discuss the newest trends in virtual and augmented reality.

Prague has a lot to offer - the vibrant historical city provides inspiration and the local universities high quality graduates. We envision that many ideas formed during the conference will be transformed into cutting-edge collaborative projects.


Come and try for yourself, how virtual reality is used in diverse areas – from the gaming industry to healthcare.


Learn about fresh news and previously unreleased case studies. The lectures will be given by top leaders in the VR/AR field.


Reveal the know-how of the world´s leading developers. Our interactive workshops are open to both experienced professionals, and amateurs.

VIP Party

Following the intensive networking event, meet the headliners of the festival in person, at an informal VIP after party.

In May 2017, Prague will become the international center of virtual and augmented reality. Many of the world´s leading experts will be in attendance: VR and HR visionaries, world class developers, peak professionals in medicine, industry, education, architecture, gaming and art.

The festival will include an international conference for professionals with over 50 experts presenting their field of work, while almost 500 enthusiasts from around the world will meet and discuss current topic, and will also feature an exhibition open to the public, where virtual reality fans will have a chance to try the new developments of world renowned brands. We expect over 4.000 visitors from the public to be in attendance.

Czech VR Fest is organized under the auspices of the deputy Prime Minister of science, research and innovations Pavel Bělobrádek, the Dean of the Faculty Electrical Engineering of the Czech Technical University Pavel Ripka and Jiří Žára, head of the Department of Computer Graphics & Interaction.

Besides presenting new trends in the field, our main aim is to enhance the cooperation between universities, top developers, research centers, producers and state institutions, and to open the way for utilization of virtual and augmented reality in education, healthcare and other domains.

The exhibition segment of the festival will be open to public. All virtual reality fans will be welcome to try hardware and software of world renowned brands: Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, SONY Playstation VR, Google, Microsoft, Samsung and many others. Virtual reality headsets will be available, as will be simulators, making the experience even more intense.

Festival pass holders will have the possibility to attend the conference, workshops, networking and VIP party as well.


Václav Dejčmar

Investor in RSJ algorithmic trading & private equity

VR fest is an intensive event that combines multiple aspects of today's virtual reality phenomenon: from currently available technologies and applications to very specific experiences and philosophical overlaps.

Pavel Čurda


Great action that shows great potential for local businesses. I hope it will cotinue.

Amir Ebrahimi

Unity Technologies

I liked the expo since it had many different exhibits and seemed to have lines packed. What could be done better - dev talks seemed to be on the lighter side of attendance so possibly promote those earlier.

Ryan A Bell

VR Scout, Hydro Studios

Czech VR Fest was a surprise for me. As an American traveling abroad I was amazed at the talent of the individuals there and the power of the community. Watching that massive community being brought together for the first time was inspiring

Program sections


VR and AR are the future of education. Get convinced by our lectures that focuses on educational ways of VR and AR technology. Both will be used e.g. at high schools, universities, research institutes, medicine etc.


Will VR and AR become new channels for propagational purposes of product and service sales? We say yes with utmost confidence. But how much? Our Marketing sections will focus on the utilization of shared virtual reality across offices and successful and unsuccessful utilization of AR and AR in marketing practice.


We will be provoking and foreshadowing the options that will be brought by AR and VR. Speakers will introduce you to case studies and utilization of VR and AR in the teaching of medics and experienced doctors. The relation between VR/AR and eyesight will also be explored, as well as an application of the technology in psychology.


Quo vadis, virtual and augmented reality? We'll be answering this question during our development section. We will look closely at the hardware development, as well as application and gaming development. We’ll compare individual development engines, the usage of 360° cameras and accessories for VR-ready computers.


Take it into your own hands! Doesn’t matter if you are novice or a walking encyclopaedia, you’ll have a good a time either way. Beginners will be presented with the basics of Unity, Unreal, Maya, 3D Max and Blender. Yet we will offer fascinating topics even for the advanced. Recording and editing of a 360° video is also going to be on the menu.


Does VR and AR have its purpose in architecture? Sure, it does! Get convinced by our lectures about visualization and designs of new interiors and exteriors. Can’t forget to mention the lecture about a renovation of defunct buildings… You’ll explore places of the past and of the future. It’s going to be worth it!


No money, no honey… and no virtual and augmented reality. This section of lectures will be utmost practical, as we will explore financing of projects. How to get a grant? How to attract an investor? What will await you, or is it even worth it? Now you’ll know!


The newest and most interesting case studies. And on top of that, interesting lectures about development, technology visualisation and utilization of VR and AR in industrial branches. That’s a brief outline of what’s to come in the Industry section.
The entire program


Ryan A Bell

Ryan A Bell

VR Scout, Hydro Studios

Possibly the greatest authority of the American community for Virtual and Augmented Reality. Ryan is the founder of VR Scout and the author of a Barack Obama’s project.

Veronica McGregor

Veronica McGregor


NASA’s first livestream of interactive broadcast and events would not be the same without Veronica. She received a number of rewards for her campaigns. She manages the news and social media team at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Masaru "Nogi" Ohnogi

Masaru "Nogi" Ohnogi


Masaru is the Head of Global Business Development at gumi Inc., one of the largest Japanese gaming companies. He helped with speeding up the process of overseas trade, that currently accounts for half of the world's revenue.

Amir Ebrahimi

Amir Ebrahimi

Unity Technologies

He’s the Chief Software Engineer at Unity Labs, where he aims to push forward the field of VR authorization. He’s a holder of Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Georgian Institute of Technology. He also founded his own studio, LUMINARY.

Andrew Barron

Andrew Barron

Bohemia Interactive Simulations

American Army’s Veteran and former supplier for DARPA company in the Defense Industry. Nowadays, he’s the Design Director at Bohemia Interactive Simulations, that utilizes a technology based on games to create a military training software - VR simulator for crews of Australian military helicopters, for example.

Marko Orel

Marko Orel

Creative Centre Poligon

He’s a co-founder of one of the largest co-working spaces in Southeastern Europe, based in the centre of Slovenian capital Ljubljana. He’s also a founder of a local VR & AR initiative with a belief that the fast development of virtual reality in the last few years will dramatically rebuild teamwork in the next decade.


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